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2022 SRVRTC Summer Camps for incoming 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

The SRVRTC Claremont is planning to host fun Summer Camps for students in the Claremont, Unity , and Newport school districts. Transportation to and from will not be provided. July 11-15  (M-F) from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM    

The five (5) summer programs that are being planned are:

Culinary – Students will be introduced and learn basic culinary skills in a professional kitchen.  Students will be exposed to various ways to prepare foods and present their completed work.  The week will end with a celebratory lunch to showcase their cooking and baking skills.  Hats will be required. Closed toed shoes required. No shorts allowed. (Limit to 20 Students)

Field Trip Career Camp– For current 8th graders and incoming 9th graders only.  Explore career opportunities in our area through on-site visits to various regional companies in various industries. (Limit to 20 Students)

Building with Wood (Carpentry) – Students will learn basic hand tool safety and usage.  The Student will complete an individual project and then work as a team to build a project for the community.  No shorts allowed. Closed toed shoes required.  (Limited to 16 Students)

Robotics & Engineering - You will be introduced to basic engineering ideas such as strengths of design, introduction to 3-D printing, and robotic arms and VEX robotics.  You will learn how things work, and will work together in groups to work on engineering challenges. (Limited to 12 Students)

Television Production - Claremont Community Television will introduce students to producing television shows.  Students will work in teams to create a TV show by the end of the week.  (Limited to 12 Students) 

Each Program will have a showcase at the end of the week that all parents are invited to attend.  

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Cost is $25.  Payment must be made in person at the SRVRTC in Claremont within two weeks of registration to secure your spots.      

Students will have a great opportunity to be exposed to a skilled trade career field.  They will be working alongside field experts, certified Teachers in Career and Technical Education as well as current high school students in CTE programs. 

Contact the Tech Center at 543-4291 for more information. 

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