The Tech Center Building Construction program was asked to assist with a community project. Courtney Porter received grant funds from McKinney Vento and purchased 10 Little Free Libraries. These Little Libraries were mobile units which can be placed inside or outside. The students in the class assembled and researched best weather proofing options and applied what they learned so the Little Free Libraries will last for several years. Michael Burnett, the Building Construction Teacher always seeks out projects that can be useful in the community.  This year, the class also built three kiosks for the Claremont City Works Department and last year the class restored park benches for the Claremont Community.  

The Tech Center teachers pride themselves on applied learning and looking for every opportunity to give back to the community when possible. Mr. Popes' Advanced Manufacturing assist the Claremont City at times when a special part needed to be made for specialized equipment. Mr. Boulanger’s plumbing HVAC will often assist with plumbing problems in our Tech Center when they arise. Chef Kainu works closely with the Claremont Soup Kitchen and encourages students to volunteer to apply what they have learned in the culinary lab.    

For the Tech Center, applied learning is the educational approach we follow. Applied learning is when students learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories, and models they learn in the classroom. Our students look forward to the hands-on experiences and building skills.