new classes

The Claremont NH Tech Center is excited to offer new classes to area students to help them become productive community members!

The following will be open to students at SHS:  

Working for a Living - This class will focus on what it means to be a good employee.  Students will learn about what soft skills mean and how to use them on the job.  Quarter Class

Intro to Military Careers - Students will learn about all the military branches and career options available to them.  They will learn military commands and get a better understanding of military culture for the U.S. Armed Forces.  Quarter Class

Home Repair and Maintenance - Students will learn the skills necessary to properly maintain a home and fix small issues such as a hole in the wall or replace a light switch.   Quarter Class

Business Entrepreneurship - Student will learn what it takes to start and run a self owned business.  Learning about e-commerce, taxes, payroll  etc.  Students in our trades program will learn how take their trade skills and work on their own.  This is a year long class consisting of two consecutive semesters.  This class is for students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.  

Students should check in with their School Counselors about these classes and see if they can fit them into their class schedules.